Our Services

Keystone Airport Courtesy Car
Please Call Airport Office for Availablity 

Additional Services:

  • 24/7 Pilot Planning Lounge with Shower
  • Free Wifi
  • Water, Coffee, Tea, Snacks
  • Ramp Space
  • Overnight Tie-Downs
  • Pilot Supplies
    • Sectionals, Batteries, ect.
  • Oil – W100, W100+, 100, 15/50

100 LL Fixed Self-Serve Pump accepts Debit and Credit Cards 24 hours. 1800 Gallon Mobile Jet Fuel Tanker with 2 Over Wing Nozzles and 1 Single Point Connection. Jet Fuel has Prist Premixed. For afterhours Jet Fuel Requests, please call Airport Office during normal business hours prior to need at (352) 473-0031

We Offer Shell Aviation Fuels
Fuel Prices as of 11/01/19:
100LL … $3.35/gal
Jet A …. $2.64/gal (Call ahead)