Board Members

David Kirkland Chairman of the Board (voting member)
Email: [email protected]
City Seat #4

Scott FryarVice Chairman of the Board (voting member)
Email: [email protected]

Charlie Van Zant (voting member)
[email protected]
City Seat #1

Rex Siemer (voting member)
[email protected]
City Seat #2 

Robert Ludwig (voting member)
[email protected]
City Seat #3

David Dagenais – Education Chairman (voting member)
Email: [email protected]

S LTC Michael AllenCamp Blanding JTC / Florida National Guard Chairman (voting member)
Email: [email protected].

Mike Schirbock – Interim Airport Manager (Non-Voting Member)
Telephone (352) 473-0031
Email: [email protected]


Lynn Rutkowski – City Manager / City of Keystone Heights Florida (Non-Voting City Liaison)
Tel (352) 473-4807

[email protected]

Bill Prange – PE Airport Engineer / Consultant (Non-Voting Attendee)
Telephone (386) 754-9053
Email: [email protected]

FDOT Aviation District 2

Donna Whitney – Freight and Logistics Specialist IV (Non-Voting Attendee)
Telephone (386) 961-7377
Email: [email protected]