Construction Projects

Taxiway A rehabilitation work will begin in late 2018 or early 2019. Phase one is contractor mobilization. Phases two, three, and four are depicted on the drawings below. During the various Phases,  there will be times when it is necessary to close one, or both runways, for the safety of the construction workers and aircraft operations. There will also be a period when Runway 23 will have the threshold displaced 645 feet and the PAPI and REIL lights will be turned off. Additionally, the Self Serve 100 LL pump will be shut down during Phase three and relocated. During this time, we will have a Fuel Truck available for dispensing of 100 LL however, fuel will only be available during normal business hours. NOTAMS and the AWOS broadcasts will be updated progressively. The contractor has experience with work on Airfields and will be recording tail numbers of any aircraft that taxi into any barricaded areas including taxiing across grass areas parallel to, or inside of, the construction area. Temporary abridged taxiways will be installed to accommodate 42J based aircraft for egress to, and from, hangars. Extreme caution should be exercised as these paths will be in close proximity to other T Hangars and unfamiliar taxi routes.

We will update the Website with the date ranges, for the various phases, once they become available.  You may also contact the Airport office at 352-473-0031 for other questions. 

Phase 2 is beginning to wind down and hopefully be completed on, or about, May 1st 2019. Phase 2A will commence on April 15th 2019 and include Runway 5 / 23 closure Monday through Friday,  Day and Night, for about 3 weeks. Runway 5 / 23 will be open on weekends. Please see diagram Phase 2-2A-R below

Phase 2-2A-R
Phase 3-3 A-R
Phase 4-4A-R